What it feels to be in sfc school

Not all high school students are able to go to college. Either they cannot afford it, do not qualify for financial aid or grants, or simply do not want to go.

High school graduates who choose not to pursue higher education after graduating can enter the workforce immediately .

“We also encourage students who know what career path they’re on to start preparing for that as early as possible,” sfc school counselor Andrea Heath said.

“If they’re going to be a plumber, if they’re going to be an electrician and if their paycheck is coming from those area or whatever it may be, we want them to start thinking about: ‘What do I need?’ “

Heath said.

“They need maybe a certain amount of hours for this type of class or they need to take a certain math course because it’s going to be required for the certification.”

A high school graduate had more opportunities after graduating high school if he could go on to college rather than immediately entering the workforce, Sfc CTE Director Bill Riggs said.

“If we can get them to go to college and they can complete a degree, then their choices are almost unlimited because now they’re qualified for anything,” Riggs said.

“They’ve got the paper that says they can do it.”

Sfc’s ultimate goal is for students to become well-rounded individuals, Heath said.

“We want to help our kids get to the point where they know who they are, they’re comfortable with who they are and they have goals set for what their life is going to be about,” she said.

“If we can do that in high school, then when you do leave Sfc, I think you’re going to have a good foundation of you as a person and your vision of what you want to do with the rest of your life.”

The school’s overall goal is to work with students for their whole lives, Riggs said.

“We’re really interested in not just that diploma that they get at the end or that piece of paper,” he said.

“We want them to leave high school and we want them to go on and be successful in whatever they do.”

The advantages of the school is that it is fairly small, so there are more opportunities for students to get involved in the school, whether it be sports or clubs.

“They’re more likely to get involved with things that they want to get involved with,” Heath said. “We have just a lot more time to spend with them.”

Another benefit is the school’s family atmosphere.

“You can walk down the halls and see kids hugging each other,” Riggs said. “It’s really quite special.”

To be in this school , students must be willing to work hard, Riggs said.

“I tell my kids all the time that it’s not just what you know; it’s how you act with what you know,” he said. “It’s really, I think, just having high expectations of yourself and then doing whatever it takes to make them happen.”

All student become part of the school’s family, Riggs said.

“We understand that they’re changing,” he said. “They might be going through something at home or on the weekends with what their friends are doing, and we want to make sure that no matter what happens outside of Sfc, when they come here, this is their place.”

The iconic guitars for sale

Guitars are the most popular musical instruments in history. Many musicians have used them all around the world to maintain their success in the music industry. Guitars have even been part of the culture for generations.

That said, some iconic guitars will always be remembered and desired by anyone who has one. These electric guitars may vary in style, but they never fail to attract everyone’s attention when played on stage or even at home. Here is the list of the top 4 iconic electric guitars that may answer your question “what is an iconic guitar that is near me?”

  • Gibson SG – This kind of guitar has a unique design; it’s thicker than other models available, which makes it very appealing because it looks like a metal version of a classical guitar. This model has two sharp-pointed horns, which makes it look good. The main goal of designing this electric guitar was to create an instrument that allows for maximum sustain, which is achieved by the deep body cavity, more extended neck tenon, and extra-thick plates on its bridge.

-Fender Stratocaster – This electric guitar is another classic type of design that has been around for decades. It’s considered one of the first solid-body guitars ever to be made, and it became an icon in rock and roll history because Jimi Hendrix also used it when he performed in front of a massive crowd at Woodstock back in 1969. Once people saw him play on stage with this kind of guitar, everyone went wild. And since then, they never looked at Fender Stratocaster in the same way again. Fender Stratocaster has a variety of tone colors, and it’s a very versatile instrument that can play any genre of music. You may see rock, country, or pop performers using this kind of guitar in many concerts they attend.

-Rickenbacker 360 – This is another iconic guitar with a futuristic design released during the mid-1960s to early 1970s. Because of its unique characteristics, it became an icon for several bands, including The Beatles and Tom Petty, and The Heartbreakers. Even though this model is not as popular as it once used to be back then, some artists still love to use it because of its ability to produce excellent sound quality and response on every string when played. The three-pickup, three-way toggle switch, and a distinctive triangular inlaid headstock are part of its unique features, making it one of the most desired guitars by musicians worldwide.

-Gretsch White Falcon – If you ask any musician about iconic guitar models, this is another that they will happily mention. This electric guitar was designed for rockabilly artists, but it became popular among blues performers who loved to use this particular instrument after several years. It can produce a pure tone that makes it sound great when played live on stage or even at home with friends who love playing music. This model was initially released back in 1955 before being taken off production for some time during the 1960s because

s21 eviction notice

You may not know this, but you can be evicted from your home under the s21 notice. This is often called eviction, however, it is actually an order for possession made by a court bailiff.


There are several reasons why you can receive an s21 eviction notice. These range from material breaches of the tenancy agreement to rent arrears and even if the tenant fails to pay rent in time after being notified about it.


Your landlord must serve you with a written section 21 notice giving at least two months’ notice before applying to the county court for a possession order. Section 21 should give details on how much you owe in rent and when the rent was due.


Your landlord must provide proof of having served you with a written section 21 notice giving at least two months’ notice before applying to the county court for a possession order. This may be in the form of a written statement or by producing a number of different documents, such as receipts for postage, which prove that they have been sent. In addition, your landlord should provide any other evidence that it intends to rely upon justifying possession. If this is not done then the application will normally be adjourned until it can be provided. The previous history of attempts to serve notices and if necessary, committal warrants, any written statements from postmen or others showing that the notices have been attempted to be served and whether there is any other evidence for trial.


There are no ways you can attempt to halt a section 21 eviction notice even if it was not followed properly in the first place. The only way you can prevent being evicted is by going to court and asking a judge not to grant possession. Your landlord must apply to a county court for a possession order in order to legally evict you.


In legal terms, this means your tenancy comes to an end 28 days from when the bailiffs give u the actual ‘notice of possession.’ It does not mean that you will be evicted immediately after the 28 days is up or that your belongings will physically be removed during that time.


Your landlord has the right to give you a section 21 at any time during a tenancy agreement, and there are no specific conditions that must be fulfilled before they can do so. If the tenant refuses to leave once this notice expires, then your landlord can begin legal action against them in court for an order for possession. This usually requires the filling out of a form N5B (for England and Wales), but it’s important to get both the landlord and tenants’ names accurate; otherwise, it may lead to delays.

If you are in this situation, you should seek advice immediately.


If you receive a section 21 notice, there are still ways to prevent being evicted by the county court, including avoiding rent arrears and getting someone to act for them. You must act quickly, however, because certain delays could cost you your home.

stag dressing table upcycled

In order to make furniture from salvaged materials, one must be highly creative and have a good sense of design. In most cases, people don’t even know where they can find it or how to work with the material before they start making it. In this article, we will take you step by step through the process of transforming an old sideboard into a cute, custom-fitted dressing table with a modern look.

This project started with finding the right piece of the old sideboard. We found it at a local junk shop, and there was no doubt that this was the perfect raw material for our upcycling project. The only thing we had to start this makeover was an idea; once we saw few pictures of the old sideboard, we were sure that we could turn it into a modern and stylish dressing table, just like we wanted.

We used almost all the material that came with old sideboards: top and legs, drawers, and small pieces of wood for shelves. That gave us an opportunity to use other useful materials such as metal plates and other metal objects from garage sales.

Now, when we have it all sorted out, let’s get started! We cut an opening in the back of the sideboard with a jigsaw for a mirror and a hole for an electrical cord to reach the wall socket behind the table. Then we turned our attention to drawers. First of all, we had to cut out an opening for electrical cords. We made it with a jigsaw and covered the raw edges with small pieces of MDF boards. After that, we cut plywood to fit the drawers’ depth. We used old finger hinges for our DIY drawers; after all, the mirrors on both sides increased their size significantly.

We installed metal plates on the sides of the sideboard for a modern look. We simply attached them with screws onto the edge of where the top meets the legs.

The drawers are painted in two tones: ivory white and parchment color, to make contrast with metal plates. Then we added some edging on both colors. Ivory white one is made of small pieces of MDF boards with the help of a knife, and the parchment colored one is made of wood putty.

We also decided to add some handles on the drawers, just for a finishing touch. It was easier than we thought: we used four metal brackets and three knobs per drawer. They look great and perfectly fit in this modern up-cycled dressing table.

Now comes the most important part – the top of this baby! We cut plywood to fit drawers’ depth and then used a sanding machine to make it smooth for painting. Then we painted it in ivory white color, with the help of a small roller brush. As you can see in the picture above, old drawers are not white anymore. That’s why we had to paint it again, but this time in classic furniture white color.

After the top of the dressing table was dry, we attached it with screws to drawers’ sides and then attached the legs of the new sideboard too – just for more stability. Now you can see that our new DIY sideboard looks much better than an old one!

This dressing table is very functional now, with all the power cords tucked inside. All drawers are working properly now, so you can actually use them as a modern dressing table. It has two small top areas for storage, which are perfect for all your morning beauty essentials. Above them, there’s a large mirror on the wall, which is just perfect for putting on makeup. If you’re tired of the old bathroom mirror that doesn’t give you enough room to work with, then this upcycled dressing table is just what you need!

Electric scooter: a new way to move

Scooters are a great alternative to cars in many ways. One of the most obvious benefits is that they’re cheaper than buying and maintaining a car, but there are other reasons. Scooters are perfect for short commutes to work or university, and you can take them on the bus or train since they fold up. They also have tons of safety features like lights, mirrors and suspension, which means that you’ll never have to worry about being stranded!


If you have an electric scooter, you can save a lot of money since they cost so much less than a car. If you were to buy an electric scooter, it would cost around $2000 at the most. This is a one-time fee, and after that, you won’t have to pay anything else or worry about repairs since electric scooters don’t have many moving parts.

You can easily find a scooter that’s perfect for your needs. If you need one to get around campus, take a look at the Razor and the Segway. There are tons of different styles and colors that you can choose from too!


If you’re looking for something good for short commutes to work or school, then check out the Horwin GT Slider electric scooters. These fit neatly in the trunk of your car, and they even reverse when you press down on the handlebars! This series is large enough to carry adults while still having plenty of power, so it’s perfect if you want something more powerful than a smaller model.

Since they fold up, scooters are great because they can go on the bus or train too. You can take your scooter on the bus, and they easily fit under your desk at work. This means that you’ll never have to worry about parking or driving in traffic ever again! You can easily drive around town, and you don’t have to worry about traffic, but be careful because these kinds of scooters are fast!


If you’re looking for something safe and secure, then look into getting a Horwin GT Slider. This charges overnight, so they’re always ready to go in the morning, and there are tons of safety features like lights, mirrors and suspension, which means that even if it does rain, you won’t be stranded! Fitting one of these under your desk at work is no problem either since they fold up so neatly.

Don’t just take our word for it, though! Go out onto the street or find some YouTube videos about scooters to see how great they are yourself! There are lots of different models available right now, so get one before they sell out! But remember to be careful when you drive; follow the guidelines and the law of your state to avoid putting yourself and your friends in danger. If you are young, be wise and do not drink if you want to use a scooter!

Is the Eggle macon Junior Worth the Price?

The Eggle macon junior is called like that because it is a lighter version of its predecessor. Unfortunately, it is a bit heavy on your pocket so it won’t be long before you would wonder why that is the case. The truth is it is actually worth every penny you spend for it. One reason is that it looks really good. They certainly spent a lot of time thinking of it and its sales are doing really good. The manufacturer don’t have many dealers as of now but they are expected to get tons of offers in the near future. As a matter of fact, the tones and volumes work real good for this instrument. Thus, you will feel confident about singing while playing this guitar. You can even make some original songs that are similar to some of today’s top hits. Of course, you can’t really think about that until you really get the hang of playing this instrument. Consider yourself lucky because it has no shortage of positive reviews from musicians who have used it. In fact, some popular musicians were able to play their latest songs using this guitar. It even covers a lot of ground which is a surprise to many musicians. The fact that you can play some country songs to some rock ones would be music to any guitar player’s eye. There is no doubt you will look great with it too as it looks great from left to right.

The finish of the Eggle macon junior will age rather nicely. As it grows older, it is going to see a bit of an increase in fans. Thus, more people would want to buy it in the near future. As a matter of fact, it will feel a bit comfortable whenever you play this whether you are sitting down or standing up. As a result, you will end up looking forward to the next time you’re going to do it. It may be a few days or even the next time you think of a good song to play. the mahogany finish is a nice throwback to the good old days. It will get you to think about playing some rather old songs so that you can’t think straight when it comes to multitasking while playing the eggle macon junior. The manufacturers were questioned why they did not call this the special but they stuck to this great idea because of its light weight. You would really think of it as something that would really catch your attention in more ways than one. You won’t feel that much pressure when you try and carry it wherever you decide to take it. It even comes with a nice looking guitar case. Don’t forget to place it there so that it won’t get any dents. The neck is extremely awesome and you can’t think of holding it back. The voices are versatile and that is one of the nicest things anybody has ever said about it.

The Benefits Of Using A Camper Rental

It’s fun to go camping. And the best way to experience nature and be close to it is in a camper van. Wth a camper van, you can easily go from one spot to another. Not to mention that some camper vans, especially the newer models, provide convenience and comfort when you’re in the wild. Indeed, the benefits of living in a camper van tops other forms of camping accommodation. And if you don’t have your own camper, there’s no need for you to buy on. You can always choose a camper rental. If you’ve never rented a camper before, then this article is for you. Here. you’ll find some very useful tips on how to rent a camper hassle-free.

Camper rental service is indeed the best option for those who want to go camping but don’t have their own camper van. Renting a camper may even be a better option for you than buying your own camper. Of course, when you choose to get your own camper, you need to invest a big amount of money. Camper vans are not cheap. Even if you choose to get a second-hand unit, you still need to invest a significant amount of money. If you’re in a financial bind, then it’s not really advisable to spend a big amount of money on something like a camper van.

If you choose to buy a camper van, then you should be ready to take care of it. First of all, you need a place to park it. Then there’s also the responsibility of maintaining the camper van. A camper van is different from a typical motor vehicle. You will need to spend a lot more on a camper van to keep it in tip-top shape. You need to keep your camper van in good shape to make sure that it won’t break down while That’s the last thing that you want to happen if your on a vacation in the middle of nowhere.

Camper rental allows you to use a quality camper van at a very affordable price. It’s the best option for people on a budget but still want to experience the wonders of camping. It’s also for those who don’t want to be bothered with the fees and the work involved in owning a camper van. You probably wouldn’t be using a camper van regularly. Unless you really want to go a long road trip. At most, you’ll probably be using the camper van for just two to three times a year. So it really doesn’t make sense for you to buy your own camper van. Renting one is the more practical and sensible option.

Before you search for a camper rental, however, you need to determine your budget first. There are also many different kinds of camper van so knowing what features you want will make the task of choosing one easy. Needless to say, you need to choose a reliable camper van rental service, one that has a fleet of quality rental vans, has affordable fees, and excellent service.

All about jewelry made of metal

The term handmade jewelry refers to craftsmanship from the design process to final production. Each handmade jewel is unique and original. Small imperfections in the beads, decorative stones and metals add to the authenticity of the piece, suggesting that the piece was not manufactured on a mass production line.

Before the industrial revolution began, everything was done by hand. The evidence points to the prevalence of beautiful handmade ornaments even during the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia. Throughout history, handcrafted jewelry is present in all cultures, be it with the Egyptian Queen Ashhotep, Mughal courtiers, European women in the Renaissance or even in the Bronze Age. Artisan jewelry has always been valued and this trend continues to this day.

Today’s world has seen many developments in handmade ornaments. Techniques range from engraving, carving, painting, weaving, filigree, and much more. A wide variety of precious stones and metals such as silver, gold, brass, copper, quartz, etc. are used in manufacturing. Nature is rich and kind when it comes to providing resources. We are the ones who can make better use of them.

The fact is that a not so exclusive jewel and with a great design will surely outshine the exclusive jewel in a boring, regular and above all repetitive design. Handmade jewelry, even with gemstones and inferior metals, with small imperfections, high-quality recurring jewelry, perfect materials, machine-made, will surely dwarf. The phenomenon of mass production has completely ruined the true joy of jewelry. Jewelry and gemstones look best with little blemishes!

The reasons why handmade metal jewelry is in higher demand are:

Uniqueness – stand out from the crowd.

Special: reminds you that you are special.

Personalization: You can personalize your piece and enjoy the fact that this jewel is yours alone and no one else can have it.

They also support the new talents who actually make these pieces of jewelry.

Metal is one of those things that would never go out of style in the jewelry world. It is the most common base for all types of jewelry. Makes jewelry sturdy and durable. And with the growing variety of different metals used in jewelry making these days, you will certainly never get bored. Handmade jewelry still retains the charm it had centuries ago. It’s a timeless tradition and continues to be popular with shoppers of all ages, genders, and nationalities. They are also a perfect gift for any occasion. And since they are unique and stylish, they can also be worn on different occasions or even in everyday life. The fact that this particular piece of handmade jewelry that you own cannot be compared to normal machines and mass produced jewelry and that no one else can own the same piece increases its value.


The metal owes its name to the fact that it does not leave any stains. Nor will it corrode or rust like ordinary steel. It consists of carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, chromium and nickel. Doesn’t scratch or dent as easily as gold jewelry. It was used in the Chrysler Building during the Art Deco era. Nowadays, many restaurants have large decorative stainless steel panels that customers can see. But where the customer cannot see, there are also many machines and surfaces made of this strong metal. In hospitals, due to its hypoallergenic properties, it is used for surgical instruments, operating tables, and for pins, rods and screws that are inserted into the patient’s body.

How to determine a professional plumber

At some point, homeowners need plumbing services for various water-related issues. A plumber can be contacted to identify problems with the plumbing system, clear pipes, drains, and fix leaks. To avoid inconvenience, every homeowner must have at least one contact with a trusted plumber. In this way, they can be reached in an emergency, as these problems can arise unexpectedly. Owners may need to contact a trusted plumber overnight. Some of the factors to consider when choosing a available plumbers include:

References and recommendations

If you search for the right plumber online, you will discover thousands of service providers. Hence, it is essential to consider the customer reviews available online before hiring one. You can also find the right plumber verbally. You can ask friends, family, or coworkers to recommend a plumber they may have worked with previously, especially one they are dear to. References and recommendations provide a sure way to find the workforce. You can expect your friends and family to recommend a good plumber interested in doing their job to a high standard.

Experience and qualifications

It is helpful to ask each plumber to visit your facility to evaluate the work – to show your qualifications and Experience. You can request multiple plumbers to visit your facility to assess the problem. However, it is advisable to work with a service provider who has been on the market for more than five years.

License and Insurance

Find out whether the service provider has the required professional license and insurance. Also, check that the company offers a guarantee of your work. The contract is intended to guarantee the work carried out by the installer. The guarantee is the guarantee of high-quality service that avoids the repetition of work.

Service costs

It is strongly recommended to obtain multiple offers. You can ask any plumber you want to work with to visit your home to assess the work that needs to be done. In doing so, you can determine the reliability of the plumber. You can start to see if they showed up for the appointment at the agreed time. In addition, each visit to the plumber will help you assess his professionalism and knowledge of the work. When the plumber visits your facility, be ready to ask questions. This will give you a chance to learn about the problems with the tubes. In doing so, you can find the right dealer.


A good plumber needs to be willing to deal with any possible causes that may have started the problem. The owner, as a rule, cannot describe the exact problem, especially over the phone, so the plumber must assess all the possibilities. Is it equipped with the necessary tools? The equipment he has been given will further determine his readiness to deal with the problem. Tools must be complete. But if a plumber is borrowing the essential tools on his own, you’d better look for another service.


Plumbing isn’t as easy as it sounds; it takes a lot of study and research. You have to be enthusiastic about it. Only then can you get involved. Few people are qualified available plumbers for this type of skilled work. If you want to take up this profession, you have to know that it will be difficult. I think the best way to hire a plumber is with advice. Ask your family and friends if they know of reliable, inexpensive plumbers. for more information visit https://www.ability.uk.com/

Reasons to install surveillance cameras at your property.

When you are concerned about the safety and security of your property and homeowners, you will need to get surveillance cameras installed at your property. It is the most important security measure that you will need to take so that you will not face any kinds of risks or dangers. These cameras are installed for making sure that you will not face any kind of risks so that no one will try to enter into your property without your permission. The affordability and accessibility of technology has made it possible to install the cameras so that you can see the videos from anywhere in the world. You will be able to use your Smartphone or tablet for finding what is happening at your property and it is possible with the use of surveillance camera.

There are many reasons why surveillance cameras are the best option for your property and the most important reason is that crime in your area will be prevented with the installation of these cameras. There is a less amount of criminal activity in your property so that you will have the assurance that no one will try entering into your property in an illegal manner. There will not be any instances of theft and vandalism when you have well placed cameras at your property so that you will get complete peace of mind. Any kind of unauthorized intruders will be eliminated from your property so that you will not face any risks of anything being stolen from your property. The camera footage can be of great help for you when there are any instances of theft and burglary so that you will be able to find the criminals. This is an excellent way of safeguarding your property from all kind of dangers so that you will not be affected due to these intruders. You will also have criminal evidence in the form of the videos so that you will get all the evidence that will proof someone to be guilty of the crime. Even when you have small children at home, the camera will be the best form of protection and security so that you will get the best outcome. There will not be any kind of risks in your property when you have the right kind of results from the installation so that you will get complete peace of mind.

Surveillance cameras also help you in finding any criminal for the crimes and you can make the right decision whether the person is involved in the case or not. You will also be able to keep records about the people entering and leaving your property so that you can use it for your future references. Even the guests and visitors of your property will be identified by the camera so that you will get complete peace of mind that your family will be safe and protected. You will no longer have to bother about anyone entering into your property without your permission when you have the cameras installed at your home.