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Questions to Ask a Career Consultant Near Me

There will always come a time in your life when you are stuck at a crossroads when it comes to trying to go to the next step in your career. When that happens, you should know that it would be time to ask a career consultant near me. After all, you want to straighten your career path and that involves getting the help of a professional who has seen it all. First, better make sure both of you agree on a time where both of you are available. After all, you should see to it that you should have a strong online presence because some job openings pop up on some websites that you should be aware of. The career consultant would let you know where to get these things from so that you would know what to do at the right time and the perfect moment. There are times when all you need is a nice resume and a good cover letter. Show these things to the career consultant and the professional should know a thing or two about improving those documents. Believe it or not, you should have a different one for every job that you apply to. After all, you’re going to be handcrafting these things to your advantage.

Another question to ask a career consultant near me would be ways to improve networking. After all, you will be better off when you know so many people in the nick of time. There will come a time when you will need these people in the future. You never know when that would happen but having the contact numbers of these people would be somewhat useful. You would be surprised at some of the answers the career consultant near me would give you. Remember the fact that you would be seeing this person a lot so it won’t make too much sense to hire someone who is located pretty far from you. Of course, you should find out the perfect jobs to apply to from your career counsellor. There are times when you find out you are actually wasting time with the jobs that you are applying to. When that happens, you should know right away what the job entails you to do. When the interview comes, the career counsellor should also prepare you for that. It would go to show how much you prepared for it when you let it all go down the wire.

It is evident tons of people are trying to apply for the same job so you must ask the career consultant near me how you can set yourself apart from the rest of them. After all, it would feel great when you were able to get the job and not the countless others. Whatever happens, you should always try to qualify for the same position one way or the other and you will always have several people doing the same thing and answering the same exams and getting some of them wrong.

All about outplacement pricing

Benefits of Outplacement Services

All outplacement services are not the same. When outplacement is most valuable and when it’s least valuable is essential to know, and it can mean saving a company hundreds of thousands of dollars in outplacement costs per year.

Outplacement pricing typically consists of three components – outplacement consulting time, outplacement training time, and outplacements with clients – each with different prices attached to them.

The first step in understanding outplacement pricing is to know what business you’re actually in as an outplacement firm. For extreme simplification, we’ll break out companies into two general categories: those that handle layoffs themselves or those that outsource them altogether. You may fit somewhere between these two, but we’ll make it black and white for this discussion.

Most outplacement companies charge a fee per outplaced employee. In the “handling it themselves” category, outplacement usually is included in the outplacement consulting package or outplacement training package because outplacement can save a company time and money in T&E and severance/benefits packages in addition to helping with resume preparation and LinkedIn profiles which can all be done by outplacement companies, so they don’t have to do them themselves when someone leaves.

Because outplacements require expertise in navigating challenging emotional waters, outplacement consultants are only paid when they walk people through their first meeting with a client (initial interview) and after outplacing them with a client. There’s no outplacement revenue generated until outplacements are done, which is why outplacement companies have outbound outplacement quotas built into their contract agreements with clients.

In the “outsourcing it” category, outplacement fees (per outplaced employee) frequently range from $1,000 to $3,000 and sometimes more. This price point can be very high because outplacement firms expect follow-up work with terminated employees after they’re outplaced to help them transition and maintain momentum through reentry (the period immediately following termination when workers start applying for new jobs).

The trick here is that you don’t get reimbursed for outplacement fees by a client unless you outplace the outplaced employee with them. If they terminate before outplacing, outplacement revenue is lost, and outplacement company profits suffer significantly.

The other issue is that many outplacement companies offer discounts if a client signs an annual contract for outplacements instead of paying on a per-outplaced-employee basis. For example, one outplacement company may charge $1,000 for outplacements but give a 50% discount to sign an annual contract for eight outplacements (64% off) instead of getting set individually for each outplaced employee.

One benefit of this model is that clients lock in rates for future years, which is something outplacement companies fight for. Since outplacements are not an expense to your business, they need to generate revenue or at least help you generate more revenue through new hires, resumes, and LinkedIn profiles, so it makes sense why outplacement companies are so adamant about locking-in outplacement caps.

On the other hand, outplacement fees are often criticized as being too high because outplaced employees see their friends leaving the company when they do who don’t experience layoffs (for reasons like poor performance) pay zero outplacement fees ($0). Employees might conclude that since some of their co-workers aren’t forced out that maybe there isn’t anything wrong with them after all, and they no longer want to work with outplacement companies. It’s a common outplacement client complaint that outplacement fees are too high; however, outplacements are not mandatory for outplaced employees leaving your company, so it makes sense that clients might use this as an excuse to stop outplacing as well as wanting to switch out (stop using outplacement firms and bring employees onboard themselves).