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You have found what you think will be a good boarding school for your child, and now that the time to leave is nearing you want to make sure that they are ready. What should you be doing to prepare them? Leaving home for the first time is difficult for most children, even teenagers, and good preparation can make the difference. To prepare your child for this big change here are a few tips:
•    Allow them to visit the school before the official reporting date. This gives them a fairly good idea of what their new environment will be like, and if they have any objections you can address them during the visit. If possible your child should meet some of his or he teachers as well as the people who will be responsible for them.
•    Get your child acquainted with the school rules. When you visit ask the school to furnish you with a copy that you and your child can go through together.
•    If you went to boarding school yourself you can talk to your child about your experiences. Let them know how you got on, and give them any tips and tricks that you think may come in handy.
•    Involve your child in the shopping for their new school. You will be required to buy lots of stuff including uniform, shoes, books, travelling cases and so on. Let your child come along on the shopping trips. You are doing this so that they can realize how much they have to be responsible for once they get to school. Make sure all items are properly labelled and have your child create a list of everything that they will travel with.
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