Car Park

You want your car park to be weed free at all times. If it gets infested it can hide all sorts of things that can lead to tyre punctures and can even become home to pestilence. Unfortunately car parks develop weeds from time to time. The best way to deal with weeds in your car park is to make sure that they never take root in the first place – if they do they will be harder to get rid of. This is not always the case especially in new builds – because the soil is freshly reclaimed it provides plenty of nutrition that allows weeds to thrive.
If your car park has developed more weeds than you can pull out and dispose of it is time to take more serious action. The best course of action is weed treatment. These are chemicals that target weeds and kill them from the roots up. They remain in the soil for a while ensuring that weeds don’t grow back. There are many types of weed treatments in the market and you need to be careful about what you buy because they are designed for different uses. You need to know the kinds of weeds that you are dealing with and what chemicals can best be used to target them. You also need to be careful about plants that are around your car park – while a weed treatment may effectively get rid of weeds it may be harmful to plants that you want to keep.
Instead of taking any risks you can hire a professional weed control company to help you get rid of the problem. Many lawn care companies are also weed control companies so you can talk to the people who already take care of your lawn.
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