Crawler Crane

Hiring a crawler crane is not something that should be done in a hurry; they are large machines and should anything go wrong they can cause lots of damage, not to mention the loss of human life. Before you hire a crawler crane you should look into the company carefully. Her here some important questions that you should ask:
What is your safety record?
The company should be honest with you about how many accidents they have had with their cranes in the past – you can ask them for statistics for the last 5 years. Find out how many of those accidents were due to machine failure and how many can be attributed to human error.
Will I get a supervisor with my crane?
Some crane hire companies take the easy way out – they don’t provide a supervisor for their cranes, which helps them cut costs. Even if you have your own crane expert it is very important that the crane hire company provide a crane supervisor who is familiar with the crane that you are hiring. It helps speed things along at the site and the supervisor ensures that everyone is safe.
What kind of insurance do I need?
The best crane hire companies will not let you have a crane until you have the proper insurance in place. They will show you proof of insurance for their cranes and employees and they will ask you to buy insurance and provide proof so that everyone on your site is covered.
Will you advise me about the kind of crane I need?
You may assume that you need a crawler crane when in fact your site requires a different kind of machine. A good crane company will do an inspection so that they can lend you the right equipment.
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