Dartington Glass

If you are looking for a way to spice up your glassware you should try buying Dartington glass. This company has brought us crystal ware for many years and they continue to produce excellent designs. One common question that comes up when crystal is under discussion is how it is different from ordinary glass. The answer is that it is the Rolls Royce of glass. While ordinary glass may look good enough to entertain your most important guests, if you really want to leave a mark you should serve them their wine in crystal.

Crystal glasses are made out of the same materials that make ordinary glass but special materials are added that provide durability, strength, style and elegance. The added strength allows glass blowers to make these glasses thinner which makes them more elegant to drink out of and also to look at. In addition to that, they can be curved in much more intricate designs. Typically, dartington crystal glasses have a slimmer top so that they can hold the aroma of wine for longer.

Crystal glasses also have much better clarity, and they are much better for toasting because they make a sharper and much more distinct sound. In other words, every guest to your dinner parties will remember their experience fondly and they may even seek to buy crystal glasses to spruce up their own.

Dartington has a wide selection of crystal glasses that you can choose from and they have over the years developed a big customer base. All their designs are unique and whatever your taste you can be sure that there is something in their stock that will match it. They deal in more than wine glasses – you can get all other kinds of glassware as well including wine decanters to match your glasses. You can see some of their designs on http://www.cutlacks.co.uk/.