Eye Test Peterborough

If you have been scheduled for an eye test you may be wondering how you can prepare for it so that you can get exactly what you need. It is a good idea to be prepared – you will have all your questions answered and you will give your optician all the information that they need to give you the right prescription for your eyes. Here are some things you can do ahead of your eye test to make sure that it goes smoothly:
• Write down all the symptoms that you have been experiencing, be they blurry vision, headaches, inability to see far or near, blind spots and so on. Sometimes people assume that they are suffering long or short sightedness when in reality they have far bigger problems. By presenting your optician with all your symptoms that are able to give you a through diagnosis and if you need specialized treatment they will direct you on where to go.
• You should also think about any people in your family who have had eye problems. If, for example, your parents were both short sighted and needed to wear glasses it is likely that this could be one of your problems. Let your optician know of any vision problems that run in the family.
• Think about what you will need the optician to do for you. They will give you a pair of eye glasses or contacts, but do you want an additional pair just in case your primary one breaks? Do you want an extra pair of contact lenses in case you lose the ones that you use every day?
• Who will be paying for your glasses – you or your insurance company?
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