Florist Newmarket

One of your New Year’s resolutions is to send flowers more often to your near and dear and to do that you have to identify a Newmarket florist who you can rely on to get arrangements right every time. There are many florists in the area so settling on one may not be as easy as you think. You may want to go with the one who is nearest to you, but how do you know that you are not missing out? The best thing to do is make a list of at least 5 florists that you think you can work with and then settle on the best based on the following:
•    How long have they been delivering flowers in Newmarket? In the flower delivery business the oldest shops tend to be the best ones. Not only do they have lots of experience with different flowers, they also know many of their residents and can give you advise on the best arrangements to send depending on the season and the reason.
•    You should work with a florist who has a large variety of flowers at any one time. The best ensure that they get flowers from far and wide. You may pay more for imported flowers but they look so good they are worth it.
•    What is your recourse if you are not happy with a bouquet? Is it possible to send it back and either get a refund or another arrangement delivered?
•    A good local florist will have excellent deals for frequent flyers. They will be able to give you very good prices for flowers that would otherwise cot you more.
•    They also ensure that their flowers are new and fresh at all times.
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