Jan start A Level

You have decided to send your child to the UK to start their A Level course in January and are wondering what kind of school you should choose. One thing is for sure – you have made an excellent decision because some of the best A Level schools in the world are located in the UK. That said, not all of them are very good – there are some that are not as good as they claim to be, so you have to do your homework.

You want your child to have a good chance of passing their A Level the first time they take it so you have to choose a school that is known for its good performance. Do not be afraid to ask the school for results from previous years – they have an obligation to tell you about their performance. Look into the faculty as well – good schools are staffed with good teachers so if you find anyone with a questionable background you should keep looking. The other employees of the school matter too – you want your child to be in a supportive environment. Find out whether the school offers extracurricular activities – you want your child to be well rounded.

The other thing you have to think about carefully is accommodation. Your child will be far away from home and you want them to be as comfortable as possible. There are some schools that have dormitories on the grounds, but not all good schools can accommodate students. If you are considering one of these find out whether there are accommodations nearby that are suitable. They should, ideally, have other students living in them.

One school that will take excellent care of your child is the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies. They have great teachers and a wide range of subjects. Your child will be fully supervised at all times. Find out more on https://www.ccss.co.uk/courses/five-term-a-levels/.