Mixed Boarding Schools

Is it a good idea to take your child to a mixed boarding school? This can be a difficult decision for any parent. Your child will be away from home for a long time for the first time and on top of having to cope with all the other challenges of boarding school you may wonder if it makes any sense for them to have to deal with the opposite sex. The subject of co-ed versus same sex schools is a contentious one and there are arguments for both sides.
However, today it seems to make more sense to take your child to a mixed school. Is there a better way to prepare your child for the real world? After high school they will be heading to university where life is truly co-ed. Not only will they have to sit next to the opposite in class, they will also have to live with them in the dorms. If your child doesn’t have any experience with them it will only serve to overwhelm them.
If your child will be going to boarding school at an early age it is best to enrol them in a co-ed one. They will learn how to deal with both genders and as they grow up they will be well equipped. Some argue that mixed schools are a form of distraction and they can affect performance. This is simply not true. So long as young people are properly supervised and they have their goals clearly outlined they will focus on their studies and prepare themselves for the life ahead. If you have any particular concerns you should talk to your child and the school too.
Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies is an excellent co-ed school. Students perform exceptionally well, are behaved and they go on to great careers. Find out more on their website, https://www.ccss.co.uk/.