What Are The Best Notebook Wood Journals You Can Buy?

Notebook wood or wooden journals are truly unique. Getting one would be an upgrade to the notebooks you are used to. Below are some of the best notebook wood options from Bark & Rock.

Ebony White

Do you know that Ebony is one of the most sought-after veneers on the market? That’s not really surprising because of its fine texture. This is why it’s being used to create musical instruments, furniture, maquettes, and other products. Now imagine having this beautiful veneer as the cover of your journal. The Ebony tree is a hardwood that is native to Southeast Asia and India. It is also known as Malabar Ebony, Persimmon, or Gaub Tree. This Ebony white journal features cream-colored streaks with chocolates and black stripes. It’s truly unique and definitely eye-catching. It’s a luxurious-looking journal that will surely inspire you to write.

Gold Edged Eucalyptus Smoked Pommele

The word pommele comes from the French word pomme, which means apple. It’s also used to describe the markings on this veneer. It looks like tiny apples are scattered across the surfaces of the wood. The markings can also appear as quilted sometimes. The unique finish is achieved by smoking the wood with ammonia that reacts to the tannin in the wood. This process makes the natural color of the veneer more intense. The Eucalyptus tree is native to Australia and New Zealand. The leaves of this tree have a unique aroma. The trees are also known for their wood that often presents interesting shapes. Eucalyptus trees can grow more than 60 meters tall.

Oak Brown Burr

The Brown Oak used to create this journal is exclusively sourced from the Home Countries in London. The wood is cut from logs that have been affected by “beefsteak,” a bracket fungus that has a red livid color. The rich dark tone and attractive hue of the wood are produced when the wood rots. But the wood must be harvested before it becomes completely rotten. Oaks are probably the most popular among all of the native trees from Britain. You can also find Oak in other parts of Europe and also in North America and Asia. Oakwood is known for its strength, suppleness, and resilience. You will surely love the distinct color and the salvaged appearance of the veneer in this journal.

Birch Wild Iced Burr

If you’re looking for a journal that looks modern but still retains a classical appeal, then this one made with Birch Wild Iced Burr is perfect for you. The fine lines and the soft colors of the veneer are natural features of birch trees. This journal is also perfect for those who love the earth since it’s made with recycled wood and has a non-toxic finish


This journal is not only gorgeous-looking, but it also has a sweet fragrance. Writing in this journal is definitely a treat for the senses. It also has a very unique yellow color. The burr that was used to create this journal is a rare one. It comes from the tree where the nutmeg spice is derived.