SEO Bristol

If I have a strong social media presence, do I really need to do SEO? This is a question that many small business owners in Bristol face, and it is a valid one. After all, a strong social media presence means you are already generating leads. The fact is, however, that there is nothing that can replace a strong SEO campaign. SEO is vital because it is what search engines are looking for.

SEO is based on algorithms that are provided by search engines. If you follow those algorithms as instructed you get ranked. The websites that do the best SEO get ranked on the first page of search results. If, however, you choose to ignore SEO it doesn’t matter how good your social media presence is. You will not get ranked and will be giving up a very healthy source of leads. It is, therefore vital to do SEO whether you have a strong media presence or not. In fact, search engines reward websites that have a strong social media presence with better ranking.

The best way to go about your SEO campaign is to hire a good Bristol SEO company. They will know exactly what to do in order to get you to the first page of search results. Hire a company that has a track record for getting businesses ranked, but beware of any that promises to rank you quickly – they will likely use black hat methods that can get your website banned.

One company that comes highly recommended is A Head in the Cloud. This Bristol-based SEO provider has a long track record of success so you can be sure that they will get your website Google domination. They have lots of experience in other areas of online marketing, not just SEO.