Hug Rug Doormat

In wet weather, your children, your pet and even yourself will track mud into the house. Of course you can change this by buying rugs for your front and back doors. There are many types in the market but you should choose hug rugs. This is a brand that has been described as the best in the world – it has many wonderful qualities including:

• It is made entirely out of recycled materials. With hug rugs you are reducing your carbon footprint. In fact, when your hug rugs grow old you can send them back to the manufacturer and they will be recycled.

• Although these rugs are made out of recycled materials they are extremely hardy. You can expect your rugs to last a long time.

• Hug rug has rugs that are designed especially for pets. You can place it at your dog slot so that every time your pet comes back indoors its paws are cleaned.

• These rugs have an extremely high absorbency rate of 95%. Better yet, with each wash they become more absorbent. If there is someone with allergies or asthma in the home these rugs will help them feel more comfortable.

• Hug rugs are easy to clean – throw them into your washing machine at 30C. If you don’t want to wash them you can let the mud dry and then brush it off – your rug will be as clean as if you washed it.

• Hug rugs are affordable, and they come in many different designs and sizes.

One of the best vendors of hug rugs in the UK is Cutlacks. Located in Cambridge and Ely, they have a wide selection of hug rugs that you can choose from.