Taxi from Stansted

Is it better to hire a taxi or book a rental to transfer you from Stansted? This is a question that many travellers find themselves asking. While a rental has its benefits, it makes more sense to hire a taxi especially if you will only be in Stansted for a short time. Here is why:

• Taxis are metered, while rentals have a flat charge. This means that you are only paying for substance travelled and nothing more. In addition to this rentals usually come with many other additional costs that are lumped up as insurance. You can avoid all of them by simply finding the right taxi service to drive you.

• Taxis come with something very important – a driver. If you are from another country you need to have a UK driver’s licence to be able to drive a rental. A taxi, on the other hand, comes with a driver so you don’t have to worry about becoming a certified driver.

• A taxi driver also knows the area. If you hire a rental, even one that has GPS you will still have to figure out destinations. With a taxi all you need to do is provide your driver with a location, sit back and enjoy the ride.

• Taxis save time – all you need to do is book one ahead of time and when you arrive it will be waiting for you. A rental is another story altogether – you have to travel to where it is parked to collect it and the process of getting on the road takes much longer.

One Stansted airport taxi company that you can rely on to get you to your destination every time is Style Taxis. They have a large fleet of well maintained vehicles and experienced drivers. They are available 24 hours a day if you book in advance. Find out more on